Switch Ryujinx v1.0.4709 Released

Switch Ryujinx v1.0.4709

Nintendo Switch emulators exist, they are few, they do not go very far in the restitution of the console, but they are progressing slowly, we can mention a few now, there are Yuzu, SphiNX and RyujiNX.

It is the latter which has just been updated to version 1.0.4709, this version adds a new functionality which reduces the loading times of games by up to 70%.
This option must be activated in Options> Settings> System> Enable Profiled Persistent Translation Cache.

What is the Profiled Persistent Translation Cache (PPTC)?
In a nutshell, this feature caches the translated functions so that they do not need to be translated each time the game is loaded. This has a direct impact, that of significantly reducing loading times - the time between the launch of a game and arrival at the title screen - for almost all games.

Hardware used in the following tests: i5-6600K and NVIDIA GTX 1080


After activating the persistent translation cache option from the graphical interface, the first time a title is started, a profiling file (.info) is created or updated; on the second launch of the title, the profiling information already saved is used to decide which new functions should be translated and how. Any untranslated function will be during the next execution; at the end of this phase, a cache file (.cache) is created and execution continues. When the title is started for the third time, the functions already translated and saved are used to speed up the loading of the title.
As long as the system remains activated, these phases are repeated during or during the reuse of the title, allowing a progressive growth of the profiling file and the cache file, limiting the use of resources.

1.0.4709 - 2020-06-16
- Addition of a new functionality: Profile persistent translation cache. Reduces the loading time of the game up to 70% after the generation of the cache: two consecutive launches on the title screen or beyond, then the improvements are made permanently on the third launch and on all subsequent launches.

1.0.4697 - 2020-06-14
- Fixed an issue where part of the VABS instruction was parsed as an input register. Resolving a missing opcode error for a particular DEATH PREMONITION; the instruction was not missing but was, on the contrary, poorly analyzed.

1.0.4696 - 2020-06-14
- Modification of the LayoutConverter to provide separate optimizations for LinearStrided and BlockLinear. MethodCopyBuffer now determines the range that will be affected, and uses faster pixel copy and offset calculation. This should improve the performance of Nintendo Switch Online: The NES and Super NES games, as well as the attenuation of the images lost during videos on the big black screen (nvdec).

1.0.4687 - 2020-06-09
- Interaction with the console window no longer affects emulation. This can reduce cases where the game hangs or crashes because the console is in "Select" mode or is scrolled manually.

1.0.4683 - 2020-06-06
- Modification of Stubbed ssl ISslContext: 4 (ImportServerPki) service.
- Fixed missing service crashes on Minecraft Dungeons and Rocket League

1.0.4682 - 2020-06-05
- Addition of intrinsic Pclmulqdq
- Implementation of crc32 in terms of pclmulqdq, which improves the performance of certain games when verifying data integrity.

Download: Switch Ryujinx v1.0.4709

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