Sys-clk v1.0.0 Released

Sys-clk v1.0.0

P-Sam offers version 1.0 of Sys-clk, this major version introduces 2 new ways to view and modify the configuration.

sys-clk is a system module which allows you to configure the CPU / GPU clock and Memory according to the running application and the docked state or not, to accelerate the loading times if your console is full of games, and therefore take advantage of the possibilities offered by overclock.

Here are the changes of this version 1.0

  • Homebrew app: sys-clk manager, new hardware acceleration, Nintendo Switch interface inspired by PC and Nintendo Switch
  • Tesla overlay: sys-clk-overlay, thanks to libtesla

Characteristics :

- Activate / Deactivate sys-clk
- Display of frequencies, temperatures, and profile retrieved from the sysmodule
- Possibility to list and modify the profiles for one or the other:
  > Your applications installed on the manager
  > The application running directly in the overlay
  > Modification of advanced parameters such as timetables and temporary frequencies

Download: Sys-clk v1.0.0

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