sys-con v0.6.2 Released

sys-con v0.6.2

cathery has released a new version of sys-con, which is a plugin for the Atmosphere CFW for your homebrew enabled Nintendo Switch that will allow you to use various wired third party gamepads / controllers on your Switch. It currently supports wired Xbox 360, Xbox One X/S and Sony PlayStation 3 Dual Shock game pads.


-Extract the zip file and copy the contents onto your SD card.
-If you're not using Atmosphere, rename the `atmosphere/` folder with the desired CFW name (`ReiNX/`, `sxos/`).
-Reboot your Nintendo Switch.

Changelog v0.6.2
--Reduced FS sessions used by the sysmodule from 3 to 1
    -This might have caused FS to run out of sessions and crash the system if you had too many sysmodules enabled.
--Reduced time sessions used by the sysmodule to 0
    -Again to prevent time services to run out of sessions. Time was only used by logs anyway. They use system tick-based time now.
Download: sys-con v0.6.2

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