sysident v1.0 Released

sysident v1.0

cuevavirus has released sysident, which is a taiHEN plugin for homebrew enabled Sony PlayStation Vita portable video gaming consoles that displays additional information about PS Vita in the system application Settings. This plugin will display the serial number, model and Console ID of the Device


How to install

1. Download plugin
2. Add under *NPXS10015 and *NPXS10016 in Taihen config.txt
3. Reboot
4. Open Settings -] System -] System Information
5. Enjoy


浅倉麗子        - Help for development
Sysie            - Tips for development
Lord Freakler - PSVident was the idea to make this plugin
CelesteBlue   - Tips for IdStorage
CBPS Testers - Test for plugin

Changelog v1.0
-Release version 1.0

Download: sysident v1.0

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