TWiLight Menu ++ v15.2.0 Released

TWiLight Menu ++ v15.2.0

RocketRobz unveils a new version of TWiLight Menu ++ which is offered in v15.2.0, nds-bootstrap has not been updated.

As a reminder, TWiLight Menu ++ is an update of the DSi menu and interface for nds-bootstrap (3DS / 2DS / DS / DSi compatible). This program will also allow you to play DS homebrews, DSiWare games and .nds roms from the SD card and GameBoy (.gb), GameBoy Advance (.gba) and Nes (.nes) roms from your SD card.

What's new?
  •     The Original R4 can now autoboot into TWiLight Menu ++ using WoodR4 (credits to @ NightYoshi370 & @ Epicpkmn11)!
  •     You can now use the flashcard firmware (WoodR4) instead of B4DS, to run games on the Original R4 with increased compatibility!
  •     New steps are at the bottom of this page.
  •     The GUI frame rate can now be changed. You can set it between 60FPS and 20FPS.
  •     PC-Engine / TurboGrafx-16 ROMs (.pce) are now launchable, using NitroGrafx!
  •     After launching the ROM, you'll have to launch it again, due to how the emulator works.
  •     (@ Epicpkmn11) DSi, 3DS, Saturn, and HBL themes: Font rendering has improved!
  •     The RocketRobz logo in the TWiLight Menu ++ splash screen has been updated!
  •     ARM9 will launch the .nds / .srldr file if the Memory Expansion Pak is found.
  •     Works around a bug, where certain flashcard DLDI drivers dislike being run on ARM7.
  •     If that's the case for your flashcard, you cannot run retail games using B4DS.
  •     3DS theme: To save CPU cycles, the 3D cubes are no longer interlaced, and play progressively at 25FPS (originally 50FPS, when interlaced).
Fixed bug
  •     Unlaunch and other homebrew that depended on IPC / FIFO is now able to be launched.
  •     Blank boxes are no longer launchable via tapping.
Download/Link: TWiLight Menu ++ v15.2.0

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