Void-NX 4.5 Released

Void-NX 4.5

Synecdoche1 also reacts quickly to the simultaneous release of Atmosphere 0.13.0 and Hekate 5.3.0 by already offering an update of Void-NX to 4.5 which supports all the changes.

As a reminder, following the Kosmos shutdown, many users have embarked on the adventure of All-in-One packs, Synecdoche called him his Vöid-N (nothingness in French). Many new features have been introduced in this version 3.0 such as a Vöid Lite or the addition of many applications such as Amiigo, Emuiibo or the NX theme injector or overlays.

Changelog 4.5:
- Update to Atmosphere 13.0
- Update to Hekate 5.3.0
- For any error please let the developer know

Here are a few things to try:

- Format in FAT32 if you have a black screen.
- Correct archive bits if you have a fatal error (this should not be necessary)
Download: Void-NX 4.5

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