Watch the Vöid - 3.0 Released

Watch the Vöid - 3.0

Vöid is back, after having abandoned the project for a while, its developer decided to continue simply because for him it's fun to serve the Switch community, so here comes the version 3.0.

All changes are tested and work on a new SD card and the version change cleans the NAND this time, except HGB Shop.

As a reminder, following the Kosmos shutdown, many users have embarked on the adventure of All-in-One packs, Synecdoche called him his Vöid-N (nothingness in French). Many new features have been introduced in this version 3.0 such as a Vöid Lite or the addition of many applications such as Amiigo, Emuiibo or the NX theme injector or overlays.

- All updated Homebrew apps
- Addition of the following:
-> VGEdit
-> Emuiibo
-> Amiigo
-> NX themed injector
-> Overlay of the status monitor
-> SYS Tune Overlay
- The Bootlogo update, however, due to chain loading, doesn't work at the moment, but added it anyway. But it still looks more beautiful.
- Addition of a Vöid Lite, which does not include Payloads and PC Tools
- Update of the HB Appstore cache and display of what you have installed.
- General cleaning, so that with a new installation of Vöid, you will no longer have multiple identical versions of Homebrew Apps.
Not tested:

Hekate now starts using chainloading Fusee Primary, so HGB Shop should work, please let the developer know if this is not the case.

Download: Watch the Vöid - 3.0

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