3DS Homebrew Launcher 2.2.0 Released

3DS Homebrew Launcher 2.2.0

fincs has proposed a new version of the Homebrew Menu which now goes to v2.2.0. As you know, this is the Homebrew Launcher (hbmenu), the manager originally developed a few years ago by Smealum.

We are talking here about the Homebrew Launcher which allows you to launch homebrews in 3DSX format. Again to launch it you need either an entry point from another age like Ninjhax, hax 2.x or Rosalina via Luma3DS.

Changelog 2.2.0:
- Buld with the latest tools and libraries.
- Adding a star system (backported from the nx-hb menu): press SELECT to start or stop an application.
- Added support for key repeat for scrolling.
- Added wave rendering!
- Removed support for ninjhax 1.x.
- Simplified detection of application packages, by removing some obsolete edge cases.
- Various optimizations and bug fixes.
- Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to improve user experience.

3DS Homebrew Launcher 2.2.0

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