Apollo Save Tool v1.1.2 Released

Apollo Save Tool v1.1.2

Bucanero has just released a new version of its Apollo Save Tool which is now available in v1.1.2.

Apollo Save Tool is an application that lets you manage game save files on PlayStation 3 and makes it easy to download, unlock, and fix save files directly to your PS3.

With this v1.1.2, Bucanero wants to add new export and import license options and thus add the possibility to import and export .rap files and licenses individually or in bulk .rif.

Addition 1.1.2:
- Export a single .rif license to a .rap file (User Backup menu)
- Import a single .rap file into the user's .rif license (User save menu)
- Mass import of .rap files to user content Licenses .rif (User backup menu)
Download: Apollo Save Tool v1.1.2

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