AutoBackPort 0.8 Released

AutoBackPort 0.8

RetroGamer74 has updated its AutoBackPort tool in the last few hours, as you know you can use these kind of tools to backport "6.72" games to 5.05.

Most games are now easily "backportable", all 6.72 games can be patched to run on firmware 5.05, there are no exceptions. However, AutoBackPort software can improve itself like the others, in its detections, in its bugs and optimizations.

This is the case since RetroGamer74 updates it regularly, here are the changes since v0.50.

Changelog 0.60:
- Improved performance of the extraction procedure.
- Improved decryption and downgrade performance.
- Several fixes.
- Fix to completely clean folders at the end.
AutoBackPort 0.7 (very important update!):
- Fixed an issue creating updates with the Damage Data message on PS4. For example: Update 1.51 for Days Gone is successfully completed.

AutoBackPort 0.8:
- Faster processing of files
- Fixed issue when PKG is missing at the end of the monitored PKG generation result. In case of error there will be a log. Reduce the window size in height for people with low resolution.
- Better file cleaning than before
The developer reminds a few important things: Remember that if a game or an update requires new functionality from firmwares above 5.05, the game will crash, even if you backport. This is why some games may work with the base game patch (1.00), but if you try the update it does not work.

Simplified process:

1. Select the dumped PKG 6.72
2. Select a temporary folder for extracting multiple files
3. Select a folder to build the patch in PKG
4. Press the button.

Download: AutoBackPort_0.8.rar (21.1 MB)

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