AutoBackPort v1.01 and PS4 Backporter v1.4 Released

AutoBackPort v1.01 and PS4 Backporter v1.4

RetroGamer offers a new version of AutoBackPort while Modded Warfare offers a new version of PS4 Backporter.

The work done by RetroGamer on AutoBackPort is bearing fruit, now comes version v1.01 of its software, the exploit 6.72 improves in terms of stability, but it is not yet at the level of what the exploit 5.05 allows.

The fact remains that the software offered by RetroGamer is still recent, but identically it is improving over and over as the days go by.

So here it is possible to take advantage of v1.01 which corrects a few more bugs.

Changelog 1.01:
- Fixed an issue when attempting to rebuild the same project twice.
- Addition of a group of experts
- Feature for advanced users to interrupt the process just before building the PKG to add, replace or delete files.
Download: AutoBackPort v1.01

Modded Warfare offers v1.4, again the fixes are interesting.

Changelog 1.4:
- Added EA Patching option to remove functions that are not present in version 5.05. You will still have to find the offsets manually, but the tool will take care of the rest.
- Disabled the backport patch option when backporting an update pkg. As this would overwrite the previously installed update.
- Added automatic detection of pkg file type and set the checkbox accordingly.
- Prevents UI from not responding while backporting.
- Fixed an issue causing the tool to error when backporting to a computer with a non-English region set.
- Added new debugging information to the log file.

Download: PS4 Backporter v1.4

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