BaNX v1.4.11 Released

BaNX v1.4.11

RetroGamer74 informs us that it has just put version 1.4.11 of its BaNX program online. If you are already banned and you don't know it, or your intention is simply to test the thing, instead of going online using your console, you will be able to verify it using BaNX.

Even if you are "not yet" banned, and want to be sure you are not banned, either you go online with your Switch, your device will notify all of your device's activity logs. This could then trigger a ban. If you wish you can test with BaNX, no information will be sent or reported.

Attention to be able to use BaNX, it is necessary to recover the necessary file PRODINFO.bin and for that it is necessary that you have Atmosphere.

Once the file is obtained, you can test it with BaNX and it will tell you if your Switch is banned or not.

RetroGamer74 releases version 1.4.11 which adds support for firmware 10.1.0.

Download: BaNX v1.4.11

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