Cemu 1.20.0c Released

Cemu 1.20.0c

There is an awful lot of information out there right now for the PlayStation scene, and it's going to be a long day on that subject, but let's not forget that there are other consoles out there.

Developer ExZap continues to advance its Nintendo Wii U emulator, Cemu, which is now numbered 1.20.0c.

This version improves cache management on the latest GPUs, and also an option to import and export backups, and as always improves the management of the Vulkan API.

# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.20.0c
    # Patreon release date: 2020-07-10
    # Public release date:  2020-07-17
    # New in 1.20.0c:
    general: Updated language files
    Vulkan/OpenGL: Further improvements to GPU buffer cache
    # New in 1.20.0b:
    Vulkan/OpenGL: Various fixes and smaller optimizations in the new GPU buffer cache
    Vulkan: Added support for texture format D32_FLOAT_S8
            Fixes the black screen issue in Ninja Gaiden 3
    input: Fixed an issue where configured DirectInput controllers could cause Cemu to crash at boot or when launching a game
    # New in 1.20.0:
    Vulkan/OpenGL: New GPU buffer cache
                   Technical details:
                   - Buffer cache exists to emulate unified memory (PCs generally have dedicated VRAM unlike the original console which shares RAM between CPU and GPU)
                   - Old buffer cache implementation had separate caches for different types of GPU buffers (attribute, uniform, streamout)
                     New implementation has one central cache for all buffer types, avoiding redundancy if data overlaps
                   - Much lower PCIe bandwidth usage since only actually modified data is transferred
                   - Very high accuracy and almost no CPU overhead since buffer invalidation relies on hints (cache flushes etc.) instead of using polling with heuristics
                   Known improvements (as of 1.20.0c):
                   - Better performance in many games
                   - GPU buffer cache accuracy option has been removed since the new cache doesn't require tweaking
                   - All polygon explosions in Sonic Boom are fixed
                   - DKC Tropical Freeze Level 2-1 should no longer have distorted background models but may still crash
                   - Broken particles in Breath of the Wild are fixed
                   Known issues (as of 1.20.0c):
                   - Flickering or distorted models in Xenoblade Chronicles
                   - Rare and random flickering or distorted geometry in all games under Vulkan (likely vendor specific)
    general: Added import/export option for saves in title manager
    general: The quickstart guide will automatically fill in the mlc folder if it is known from a previous Cemu installation
    general: Updated language files
    Vulkan: Added support for nearest neighbor up/downscaling filter
Download/Link : Cemu 1.20.0c

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