DeepSea 1.4.2 Released

DeepSea 1.4.2

Team Neptune has just released version 1.4.2 of DeepSea. DeepSea is an AiO package, always based on the latest version of Atmosphere, delivered with the latest versions of very useful homebrews. Thanks to the built-in automatic update, you will never need to touch your SD card again.
"As several members of the scene have received complaints from Nintendo regarding the DMCA because of the patches, we decided to remove them from previous and future builds. A DMCA complaint on Github means that the repository is nuked without destroying it. no questions are asked and we want to avoid that at all costs. "
The patches are not removed, Team Neptune is working on them.

Version 1.4.2 is delivered with:

Atmosphere - 0.13.0
Awoo Installer - 1.3.3
DeepSea Cleaner - v1.1.0
DeepSea Toolbox - v5.0.0
DeepSea Updater - 4.2.1
EdiZon - snapshot
Emuiibo - 0.5.1
Goldleaf - 0.8
Hekate - v5.3.0
Hekate Icons - v3.0.0
Homebrew App Store - hbas-2.2
JKSV - 06.07.2020
Lockpick_RCM - v1.8.4
NXMTP - v0.1.4
Status Monitor Overlay - 0.6.1
Tesla-Menu - v1.1.3
ldn_mitm - v1.4.0
nx-ovlloader - v1.0.6
ovlSysModules - v1.2.1
sys-clk - 1.0.0
sys-con - v0.6.2
sys-ftpd-light - 1.0.3

Download: DeepSea 1.4.2

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