DS4Windows v2.1.4 Released

DS4Windows v2.1.4

Ryochan7, the developer of DS4Windows, has been offering its utility v2.1.4 for a few hours, which as you know is a tool intended for the PC and which allows you to use its Dual Shock 4 via the emulation of a controller Xbox 360.

DS4Windows allows you to take advantage of your Dual Shock 4 on your PC, the software makes it possible to serve as an effective interface to configure the device based on a fork of Jays2Kings, a project which was located here at ds4windows.com.

To take advantage of it unfortunately it will go through the micro-USB cable, but it is possible to use wireless with some Bluetooth 2.1 adapters (or higher).

As often with this developer, the changes are very numerous in this v2.1.4:

- Correction of the application crash when "No" is selected in the UAC confirmation window
- Make sure to cache the profile flags after changing the steering wheel axis in the profile editor
- Force the permanent exit of the device when the service stops
- Added support for the Astro C40 gamepad. Contribution by mika-n
- Adjustment of the rotational behavior of the gyroscopic mouse
- Correction of the update of flags linked to the entry for slots
- Modification of the verification of the exclusive mode to take into account HidGuardian assistance. - The key icon will appear for the devices affected by HG
- Addition of a predefined menu for the buttons on the front. Finally, we wanted to recover this option
- Color change of the light bar reactivated for the DS4
- Fixed output of active flag when changing device type
- Modifications to allow LastVersionChecked to be an optional element in the configuration file
- Default mouse offset
- Correction of a spelling error in the DE translation file. - Contribution from Flo082002
- Modification of the gamepad latency log message to indicate the current latency measurement. Contribution of dondrakon
- Raised square stick Maximum roundness value at 1000.0
- Use of BeginInvoke to modify the properties for the permanent manipulation of the device. Keep the actions of the event dispatcher in order
- Resetting the status of the permanent device when an input device is released
- Fixed NumPadEnter in the binding window
- HidNinja management program v.0.2.1 HidGuardian

Download: DS4Windows v2.1.4

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