Easy Fake DLC v2.1.0 Released

Easy Fake DLC v2.1.0

TheRadziu brings to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro scene a new tool named Easy Fake DLC, a python 3.5 script that allows creating fake DLC packages without having to generate additional data.

Its operation is based on the open source tool PKGTool of LibOrbisPkg, and includes support for PSS URLs. Bugs have been fixed regularly especially because of regions and languages. The interest of the software is the creation of FPKGs from DLC under firmware 6.72, and not to create FPKGs for the 5.05.

Changelog 2.0:
- ez_fake_dlc.py is now updated to version 2.0
- It now uses PkgTool (from LibOrbisPkg),
- Fixed '-' under 'OPTIONS -> Information -> Installed Add-Ons', it now displays the icon and name of each DLC,
- Added full support for PSS URLs.

Changelog 2.1.0:
- There was a bug with the order of languages-regions [in the PSS links] whereas on chihiro it is the reverse order [region / language].

Download: Easy Fake DLC v2.1.0

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