Hekate CTCaer mod v5.3.1 & Nyx v0.9.3 Released

Hekate CTCaer mod v5.3.1 & Nyx v0.9.3

CTCaer offers a new version of hekate CTCaer mod v5.3.1 and Nyx v0.9.3.

Hekate is an implementation of the HBL (homebrew Launcher) that allows you to download the entire USER partition or eMMC RAW, as well as start the automatic partial dumping (also on exFAT formatted SD cards), depending on the space. available.

This version fixes some bugs, among others the boot on firmware 8.1.0 / 9.0.x and problems with the new Exosphere. Package1 dump has been fixed and CAL0 can be decrypted. The information on the integrated screen is more precise and the touch screen is disabled in the event of a hardware fault.

Changelog Hekate CTCaer mod v5.3.1

- Correction of re-encryption pkg2 for 8.1.0 / 9.0.X, this corrects kernel panic problems on RCM or blue screens when a new exosphere is used (0.13.0 and more).
- Added a panic dump (pstore) for L4T Linux / Android
- And many other solutions.

Changelog Nyx v0.9.3

- Correction of the dumping of the package1
Before, it was wrongly divided into NX bootloader, Security Monitor and Warmboot.
- Deactivation of the touch screen in the event of hw failure
- Fixed an issue where Joycon could not register with a broken touchscreen.

Additional changes:

- Addition of a decrypted CAL0 discharge
- More precise information on display panels
- Addition of information on the protected area of ​​the SD card
- Added better information on write protection of SD cards
- Skip the first 4 packets for the calibration of the joycon

Download: Hekate CTCaer mod v5.3.1 & Nyx v0.9.3

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