Homebrew-Details v0.85 Released

Homebrew-Details v0.85

Chrscool8 offers a new version of Homebrew-Details, Homebrew Details is a file manager which will allow you to view in detail all the NRO files located in the directory of the SD card present in your Switch. The HBMenu type program makes it easy to find out which macros come from the hb application store and which have just been entered manually on the SD card.

This new version 0.85 brings a lot of new features that you will find listed in the changelog below.

Changelog v0.85 - The Big One
- New native and more efficient folder scanning
- More information on available updates
- Version, name, description, release date
- New step-by-step update wizard
- Updates downloads
- Updated progress bar
- Status information in the header of the main page
- Date, time, battery level, state of charge
- App launch 99% reliable (especially when launching HD from a transfer app for maximum RAM)
- Export images to a folder (/ config / homebrew_details / assets /) for theming / customization (?)
- Change / replace any asset in this folder and see changes in the program
- Delete them and they will be regenerated by default on the next launch
- Lax App Store app scan setting (if it missed some apps in the past, it will get others)
- Better support for new lines in App Store descriptions (and everywhere else)
- Some additional descriptions of the parameters
- Customizable controls for launch and details so you can choose what you'll use most often
- Make the whole program much more rational and modular
- Borealis update to be more stable everywhere
- Tons of small fixes

Homebrew-Details v0.85

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