Leeful74 tests PS-Phwoar under exploit 6.72

Leeful74 tests PS-Phwoar under exploit 6.72

The developer of PS-Phwoar! is currently testing its host under firmware 6.72 and therefore under the exploit that has rocked the PlayStation 4 scene in recent days.

Under the name of "PS-Phwoar! Host Menu For 6.72 v1.0", he is therefore testing the adaptation of one of the best hosts under firmware 6.72.

The developer is keen to point out that the operating code for the webkit and the underlying kernel is basically the same as everyone else is using, but it is modified to work differently. The way the menu loads run files is also different, which I think is more reliable.

He continues to perform tests to achieve optimal stability, as soon as he has a correct stability, he will broadcast his PS-Phwoar! to a large audience, especially the offline version.

If you want to test: https://leeful.github.io/672/index.html

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