Luma3DS 10.2 Released

Luma3DS 10.2

Well, it is clearly difficult to release a news after that of the PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 4 Pro announcing the arrival of the feat of firmware 6.72, but the world continues to turn.

And not just a little, since the release of Luma3DS 10.2 will probably be completely overshadowed by the arrival of this kernel / webkit exploit on PlayStation 4.

It's a shame TuxSH has done a huge job, Luma3DS 10.2 brings many new features! The screen capture function has seen its speed increase considerably. Before it could take more than ten seconds to take a screenshot, now it is done in a few milliseconds! These are saved in "/ luma / screenshots /".

With the Rosalina menu, the screen brightness can now be adjusted much more precisely than with the official settings. The menu also contains additional screen filters, which can also be restored if the 3DS is closed and reopened. The operation of the Rosalina menu has also been simplified and supports C-Stick.

Delays and crashes with InputRedirection should now be a thing of the past, however, some keys may be pressed twice in the HOME menu. Press "ZL" or "ZR" to resolve this problem.

Changelog 10.2
    Massively improved the screenshot feature:
        Now takes around 100ms instead of 10s (speed may vary, and the first screenshot in a series is slower)
        800px top-screen mode is now supported
        Rosalina menu options have been reordered to take this into account
    Added brightness (luminance) selection submenu
    Screen filters submenu improvements:
        Changed the filter values, and there are now more of them
        The selected filter is now properly restored when the lid is reopened
    Removed the lag and crash associated to InputRedirection (thanks @Nanquitas)
        On N3DS, this may cause a key press to be repeated in Home Menu for no reason. Just pressing ZL/ZR on the console is enough to fix this
    Improved Rosalina menu handling:
        C-Pad (left pad) can now be used to navigate the menu
        You can now easily scroll through the menus by maintaining directional keys
        InputRedirection can now be used to access and navigate the menu
        New key options for the menu combo: C-Pad Left/Right/Up/Down & "Touch Screen Pressed" (sorry, no ZL/ZR)
    Removed the need for the console to reboot again when switching to homebrew from a higher-memory game (e.g. Pok√©mon Sun on O3DS -> configured homebrew title)
    Homebrew can now write to the shared config page
    Fixed the fact that the console would hang if sleep mode was entered when the Rosalina menu was open
    Enabling either the debugger or InputRedirection will now prevent the console from going to sleep until both are disabled (to prevent the console from hanging)
    Rosalina is now supported on N3DS SAFE_FIRM, including the homebrew launching functionality that comes with it:
        This is controlled by a new option in the main Luma menu. That option also enables running 11.3-and-below system versions on N2DS and also allows the system to run even with defective head-tracking hardware
        The newest release of the Homebrew Menu needs to be used (it comes bundled with Luma3DS in this release archive). You also need to rebuild all your homebrew with the latest libctru release. Some homebrew may not work, nevertheless
        Some Rosalina features may not work properly there (e.g. the brightness and New 3DS submenus)
    Separated the exception dump parser script to a new repository:

Download: Luma3DS 10.2

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