m0rph3us1987 updated PS4FileNinja and PS4GDB for Firmware 6.72

PS4FileNinja and PS4GDB for Firmware 6.72

m0rph3us1987 has updated two of its tools for firmware 6.72, the first of them is PS4FileNinja while the second is PS4GDB.

PS4FileNinja is a fairly old tool, which allows you to transfer files, its operation is quite simple, the user chooses the firmware version of his PS4, enters the IP and port of his PS4, sends the payload before connecting . File transfer itself is classic, and is like any FTP client.

This new version brings the support of firmware 6.72, the project had been abandoned, so it is likely to encounter some bugs, but this tool also facilitates decryption of chokes and analysis.

Download: PS4FileNinja 6.72 (18 Kb)

m0rph3us1987 has also updated PS4GDB, he informs us via his Twitter account, this is a port of GDB for the PS4, a tool that allows developers to debug applications in the Userland. Its tool works fine with GDB 8.1.0 on Linux. The GDB program helps programmers find bugs in a C program.

Download: PS4GDB 6.72

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