NP-32046-5 trophee error corrected

NP-32046-5 trophee error corrected

Since backporting games 6.72 to 5.05 started, many users have complained about getting NP-32046-5 errors when launching their freshly converted game from firmware 6.72 to 5.05.

Many users reported this error to developers, and Zecoxao clarified that it was an error related to the game trophies, developer Sorrow446 then took his research a little further by creating a patch to rectify the errors encryption trophies on the PS4.

This fix aims to correct the "Cannot start the application". (NP-32046-5) "or" An error has occurred. (NP-32046-5) "since PSDevWiki found the error to be from SCE_NP_TROPHY_ERROR_INVALID_TRP_FILE_FORMAT because there is an offset at 0x80551616.

Use :

- Copy your unencrypted trophy folder from your PS4 to the same directory as your game dump / update.
- It is recommended to use FTP payload or PS4-Xplorer. / user / trophy /
- Drag your dump folder onto

- The script will cancel the process of copying trophies if it finds that your original trophies are already unencrypted or that the unencrypted trophies from your dump could not be found.
- If the trophies in your game / update are encrypted, they will be replaced with the decrypted trophies if all goes well. Back them up before if you need to.
- All unencrypted trophies: / user / trophy /
- Dump the (un) encrypted trophy file: <CUSA> \ sce_sys \ trophy \ trophy00.trp
- Unencrypted trophy file: / user / trophy / conf / <NP communication ID> /TROPHY.TRP

It is therefore a safe bet that many fixes and 5.05 games will continue to be released as most of the errors that could slow their appearance are now fully resolved. For example, FIFA 20 was backported to 5.05.

It's all there:

Download: NP-32046-5-helper

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