PS2-FPKG v0.3 and PSX-FPKG v0.2 Released

PS2-FPKG v0.3 and PSX-FPKG v0.2

The PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 4 Pro scene is not waking up to the boom in the release of the firmware exploit 6.72, this is what suggests these last hours which are at the very least exciting.

It is not only fun to discover new games higher than firmware 5.05, there is also always the notion of retrogaming which is present, many users who have crossed the milestone of firmware 5.05 also install RetroArch.

In the same vein, if you try to play your old PS1 and PS2 games on a PS4 console here are two excellent tools created by Jabu with the collaboration of kozarovv called PS2-FPKG and PSX-FPKG which are respectively offered in v0.3 and v0.1.

PS2-FPKG v0.3

This app converts PS2 ISO / BIN games to fPKG which can be installed directly on PS4.

How to use it:

- Run ps2-fpkg.exe
- Select the ISO of the PS2 game in "Disc1"
- Click on "Crea fPKG" and choose a storage location
- Install the fPKG created on PS4 and play

Note: For CD (.bin) games, click YES when prompted to add the LIMG sector.

Optionally, you can:

- change the game icon (icon),
- change the background graphics when the game starts (Bg),
- create a multi-disc game (up to 5 ISO)
- add a txt configuration file,
- add your lua configuration,
- select the emulator to use in the game (by default there are 2 known to be the most compatible, you can launch more)
- The program automatically adds the configurations (config-emu-ps4.txt), ps3 (gameid_lopnor.cfgbin), lua (gameid_config.lua) if they exist in the application database.
- Yes, this app comes with unique and ready to use PS2 game setups that will be added automatically!

How to add other emulators:

Put the folder containing the emulator files in the "emus" folder, restart ps2-fpkg, the new emulators should appear in the list, and that's it.

Download: PS2-FPKG v0.3


This tool is able to convert PS1 .bin to PS4 fpkgs.

How to use it:

- Select a disk image (.bin file)
- Select a region (automatic detection of the incoming region!)
- Select the resizing mode (1 = 1280 × 720, 2 = 1920 × 1080, 4 = 3840 × 2160)
- Type an NP title (automatic ID detection is coming!)
- Enter a title
- Press "Crea fPKG"

Note: Firmware 6.72 is required to run the created package.

Optional things you can do:

- select a game icon
- select a boot image
- add additional commands to config-emu-ps4.txt (just enter the commands in the large text box)

Coming soon:

- game ID detection
- region detection
- title detection
- other things idk

v0.2 compatible 5.05

Download: PSX-FPKG 0.2

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  1. Thanks but none of these work for me.
    It goes through the process, but when it says 'finished', I can't find the PKGs.

  2. PSX-FPKG 0.2 worked fine for me. Thanks