PS4 Payload Repo v1.0.2 Released

PS4 Payload Repo v1.0.2

Al Azif has just updated all PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro payloads to support firmware 6.72.

It is the majority of the payloads which were carried on 6.72, just like Mira was carried for 6.72, when the exploit will be implemented nothing should stop you.

All payloads are distributed here.

Payload updated in 6.72:

- App2USB.bin
- Backup.bin
- Disable-Updates.bin
- Dumper.bin
- Enable-Browser.bin
- Enable-Updates.bin
- Fan-threshold.bin
- FTP.bin
- History-Blocker.bin
- Kernel-Clock.bin
- Kernel-Dumper.bin
- Restore.bin
- RIF-Renamer.bin

Download: PS4 Payload Repo v1.0.2

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