PS4PKGVerifier 1.1 GUI App and UnFSelf and SELFUtil Released

PS4PKGVerifier 1.1 GUI App and UnFSelf and SELFUtil

The tools are multiplying on PlayStation 4, after a rather lethargic scene during the last 2 years, here is that the new exploit 6.72 comes out of some of their torpor, suddenly it starts to really become interesting to follow all this.

Indirectly, it is also thanks to Sony (strange just before the arrival of the PS5 enough to sell the stocks of PS4), which validated the fact of the publication of the exploit with TheFlow because it was part of the deal.

Anyway, here comes PS4PKGVerifier, UnFSelf and SELFUtil, tools that will be useful if you want to build your PKGs and check them.


DimosGsxR, a developer from the PlayStation 4 scene, informs us that he has just shared a Windows application named UnFSelf which will allow you to convert FSELF PS4 files to ELF files by simply dragging the FSELF file onto UnfSelf.exe. To get the ELF file you have to run UnfSelf.exe with "-decrypted" appended to the file name.

Download: (21.7 KB)


zecoxao advises to use another tool, from another Znullptr dev which offers SELFUtil, which is safer for backporting eboots, and creating FIXs.


PS4PKGVerifier 1.0 GUI App

Finally, Unknownqx offers PS4PKGVerifier 1.0 GUI App which is a PC application inspired by PS4 PKG Integrity Checker and which will allow you to check the integrity of a PKG on multiple files with an intuitive graphical interface. This allows you to verify that your PKG is not corrupted

Originally he produced it for his own needs, but he rightly thought it might appeal to a large audience.

Download: PS4PKGVerifier 1.1 GUI App

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