rpcs3 v0.0.11 Alpha Released

rpcs3 v0.0.11 Alpha

RPCS3 development team has just informed us that version 0.0.11 Alpha is available for download. So two months after v0.0.10 here comes v0.0.11. As usual, an expansion of the compatibility list with PS3 games. As you know, this is the best PlayStation 3 emulator available, the one that is the most followed in terms of support and developments brought by its developers.

Free emulator for PlayStation 3, it is written in C ++ and is available on Windows and GNU / Linux. Its development started in 2011, it has become stable over time, but sometimes bugs and incompatibilities can appear, but it remains to this day the most successful PlayStation 3 emulator.

Short-term goals:

- Improve the compatibility of the LLVM SPU / PPU recompiler, add more optimizations. (Nekotekina)
- Implement configured PPU / SPU interpreters reusing the current LLVM IR generator, delete the original hard coded interpreters and make LLVM compulsory. Add options to regulate its accuracy regardless of the basic choice of interpreter or recompiler. (Nekotekina)
- Correct any remaining RSX regressions.
- Improve the GPU side decompiler / interpreter. (kd-11)
- Rework the RSX <-> Cell synchronization framework to make it more coherent. (kd-11)

Download/Link: rpcs3 v0.0.11 Alpha

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