RussellNX v1.3.6 Released

RussellNX v1.3.6

nkrapivin has just released a new version of its RussellNX tool which now goes to version 1.3.6.
RussellNX allows you to port your GameMaker Studio 2 game to Nintendo Switch, this utility will compile your project directly as an nsp file.

Changelog 1.3.6:
- Improved project parameters are forming a bit.
- Added Russian translation. (only works if the language of your operating system is ru-RU)

Changelog 1.3.5:
- Added a project settings form where you can turn off tween and other things. (Also has random quotes!)
- Makes an icon for RussellNX itself. Yes. It is indeed without comics.
- If RussellNX does not find the jpg game icon, the default one will be written to the RussellNX folder and used instead.
- Addition of buttons to export / delete the log.
- Fixed a bug where the upper half of the log was cut, making it more difficult to debug strange problems with GMAssetCompiler.
- Fixed some typos in error / log messages.
- Made the "personalized nsp" warning a little less detailed. (now it is printed in the newspaper instead of being a MessageBox)
-addition of pugs.
Download: RussellNX v1.3.6

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