SaltyNX 0.3.2a and Homebrew Details 0.73 Released

SaltyNX 0.3.2a and Homebrew Details 0.73

Homebrews of the Nintendo Switch scene continue to evolve, this is the case of SaltyNX, SimpleModManager and Homebrew Details to see their version decked out with a new numbering.

SaltyNX 0.3.2a

The SaltyNX plugin is developed by masagrator, it facilitates the management of the process which allows us to send commands in the background to edit files and code.

It is paired with SaltyNX-Tool, in particular with ReverseNX-Tool, which has not had an update since April 20, 2020, the release date of v2.0.0.

Changelog v0.3.2a:
- Fixed issue with loading plugins from titleid ef8ff67 folders.
- This should fix bugs introduced by 0.3.0a with plugins crashed in Smash Bros and other games while using title specific plugins.
- Another exception: stop loading plugins if: titleid & 0x1F00! = 0

Changelog v0.3.1a:
- Fixed rare case of the game crashing when trying to load hbloader in title replacement mode by disabling bootstrap in this case.
- The 2MB patch has been reset because it blocked Zelda Breath of the Wild.

Download: SaltyNX 0.3.2a

Homebrew Details 0.73

Big version of Homebrew Details which brings with this version 0.73 many changes, the HBMenu type program allows you to view in detail all the NRO files located in the directory of the SD card present in your Switch.
Changelog v0.73: Debug mode, auto scan, path, fixes

Changes :

- Debug mode allows to activate a number of insider information
- Autoscan activates so you don't have to push to start when launching
- The .nro path is now indicated under the name in the general lists
- Various small solutions to protect against accidents
- Created a Trello board where you can see what the developer is working on and vote on things you want to see get higher priority

Download: Homebrew Details 0.73

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