Sleirsgoevy adds FTP and FAKEUSB to his exploit 6.72

Sleirsgoevy adds FTP and FAKEUSB to his exploit 6.72

Sleirsgoevy, who was able to wake up the PlayStation 4 scene on his own, relying on TheFlow's kernel exploit and Fire30's webkit exploit, updated his Toolchain, implying his complete exploit 6.72 which is the basis for everything those who wish to embark on the adventure.

The recent modifications are numerous, in particular on the translations of the Index.html file, which is proposed in English, Russian, Italian, Hungarian and Portuguese versions, if you have the motivation you can propose the French translation.

But that's not all, the changes mainly concern the addition of the FTP and FAKEUSB payloads, but also the correction of some allocations. FAKEUSB is a function that allows to use a new capacity, if you don't have a big USB stick or external hard drive, you can use the FTP to copy the .pkg through the local network, then plug in a small USB stick and load FAKEUSB which will help you mount all the copied files in Package Installer.

Here is the guide:

For experienced users, to install .pkg files without having a sufficiently large USB key:

- Copy the .pkg files to / user / home / fakeusb / via FTP
- Connect any USB key and select FAKEUSB (with HEN already activated).
- Then go to "Debug Settings" and install the packages as usual.

It's all there: sleirsgoevy / ps4jb

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