"Stable" version of sleirsgoevy jailbreak 6.72 Released

"Stable" version of sleirsgoevy jailbreak 6.72

sleirsgoevy has just edited its github once again by placing a "stable" version of the jailbreak there.
There are many files that have been edited as

- index.html
- jb.html
- mira.html
- netcat.html

and of course the
- kex.c
- makefile
- c-code.js

Note that it seems to have had some help from the Italian developer theheroGAC because in addition to Russian and English, there is now Italian which is supported in the index.html file.

It is very good news that the exploit is stable, now we have to see if we are talking about the exploit itself, or its launch via scripts, let's hope that all this leads to a smaller number of kernel exploit.

Developer Al Azif has already declared that he will update his host.

Download: "Stable" version of sleirsgoevy jailbreak 6.72

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