sys-ftpd-light 1.0.4 Released

sys-ftpd-light 1.0.4

Cathery continues to update the work of Jakibaki who offers her Sys-ftpd, its fork under the name of sys-ftpd-light which requires less memory in the system module.

sys-ftpd-light allows you to activate an FTP server and transfer files to modified Switch consoles, there are still some changes compared to the original.

Attention, this version disables anonymous login by default, the reason is that strangers could logically just log into the Switch and delete all data on the SD - in the home network.

This probability is rather slim, but the situation is different for ldn_mitm. However, you should not connect to the FTP server if ldn_mitm is active, as FTP is an insecure protocol and the password can be easily saved.

- Anonymous login is now disabled by default
- User identifiers are now empty by default
- The server will then reject any connection as long as the user and password fields are not defined.
- This update might annoy some people who have their configuration changed by download applications like hbstore.
- It is published in response to complaints from people who have their consoles hacked by local networks created by ldn_mitm.

Download: sys-ftpd-light 1.0.4

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