The alternative to Freeshop and Funkey CIA is called Beeshop Released

The alternative to Freeshop and Funkey CIA is called Beeshop

Ghost0159 invites us to discover a whole new software, which is beeshop, a new equivalent of Freeshop, but you need a PC to be able to run it.

Beeshop takes the form of an AutoHotkey script that downloads 3DS game files from a database and copies them to 3DS using for example Remote FBI, a kind of CIA Funkey.

Make sure your 3DS and the computer you are using beeShop on are on the same network, BeeShop currently only supports downloading and submitting one game at a time. (The game.cia file to download is rewritten each time you click "Bump").

How it is used:

- Download and extract the latest version of beeShop.
- Download db.csvy and place it in the assets folder.
- On your 3DS, open FBI> Remote installation> “Receive URL via network” and write down the IP address of your 3DS (do not close the FBI after doing this).
- Open beeShop.exe and click on "Settings" which should open a text file called ip.txt. - Write your IP (example on the first line, save the file and close it.
- Select the game from the list of available games and click on "Bump".
- beeShop should now start downloading the game file. Once done, click on the "Upload" button and beeShop should deliver the game file to FBI, who will install it.

Download: Beeshop 1.2 (x86 and x64 version)

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