TWiLight Menu ++ v16.0.0 Released

TWiLight Menu ++ v16.0.0

RocketRobz has just unveiled version v16.0.0 of TWiLight Menu ++.

The novelties are numerous:

- The console's SD card is now accessible with more flash cards, thanks to the re-addition of SD access in DS mode!
- All you have to do is activate SCFG Slot-1 access in TWLMenu ++ Settings, if you want to use this function.
- If you find both SD card and flash card, SD card settings will be used.
- Slot-1 autostart has been added, if you want to access both SD card and flash card immediately! Activate this function if you already have TWLMenu ++ on your flash card.
- Flash card firmwares / kernels are now included in TWLMenu ++!
Tired or scared by the black and white image of the ship in Unlaunch? Have no fear, because now you can use a custom background in Unlaunch!
- Images must be in .gif format, must have a width and height of 256x192, and 16-color images are best suited. Place them in sd: / _ nds / TWiLightMenu / unlaunch / backgrounds. You can then select one in TWLMenu ++ Settings.
- DSi / Saturn / HBL, DS Phat / lite theme: Added GBA mode to the SELECT menu.
(@ Epicpkmn11 and various) Other translations of TWLMenu ++ have been added, along with Danish, Turkish and Ukrainian!
- Added an AP patch for the English translation of Inazuma Eleven 3: The Ogre.


- Unused DSiWarehax features are now hidden, when using DSiWarehax.
- A version of GBARunner2 without the use of DSP, is now used in DSiWarehax, so now hax users can enjoy GBA games again!
- The manual pages have been reworked!
- Some texts in TWLMenu ++ settings have been shortened to adapt to the new font.
- The WiFi LED has been replaced by WiFi in TWLMenu ++ Settings, because this function does not only affect the WiFi LED, but also the WiFi itself.
- Wireless play / download does not seem to be affected.
- ROMs which launch emulators incompatible with DSiWarehax, are no longer displayed.
- The improved SD code of profi200 is used again!

Bug fixes:

- Sound and touch work again in Slot-1 games!
- Other minor adjustments have been made.

Known bug:

- If the SD card and flash card are both enabled, launching a GBA game from a flash card will cause GBARunner2 to crash on black screens.

Download: TWiLight Menu ++ v16.0.0

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