UnityGraphics Released


MasaGratoR offers for experienced users UnityGraphics, this is an interface combining the advantages of the SaltyNX plugin and Tesla Overlay. The application therefore allows you to modify the graphics parameters in real time in games using the Unity engine, and its possibilities are very numerous, this involves shadows, masks, resolutions and many graphics options.

Please note, it is still good to remember that modifying a parameter may cause the game to run or the blocking of unexpected bugs, to be used with caution.

To benefit from UnityGraphics you must have:

- Atmosphere (this is related to the fact of dmnt: cht allows homebrews to read build_id on running games. SX OS does not provide this information). Not tested on ReinX.
- Tesla environment.
- SaltyNX.
- Offset files dedicated to the game (you can find them: https://github.com/masagrator/UnityGraphicsWarehouse).

- Fixed version number in Tesla menu.
- Added SetResolution from the Screen category with predefined options.
- Greater security for using previous offset files.

In a few days, MasaGratoR wants to add save / load setups, more settings and categories, as well as support more titles.

Download: UnityGraphics

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