webMAN MOD 1.47.30 Released

webMAN MOD 1.47.30

aldostools offers version 1.47.30 of its webMAN-MOD plugin, its famous software which is a very efficient manager. The goal is always to improve the user experience via CFW or via the PS3HEN.

For those who do not know, webMAN is a plugin developed by Deank which allows you to launch backups of PS3, PS2, PS1, PSP games as well as Blu-rays or DVDs, stored on hard disk (including NTFS) or on the local network, in JB or ISO format, and this directly from the XMB, without counting the provision of the FTP and WWW server. M @ tsumot0 and Aldostools have proposed a MOD version of webMan, including support for 21 languages ​​using external files, an installer / updater for CFW Cobra and NonCobra, IDPS / PSID spoof, disabling cfw syscalls, and many other evolutions which have followed one another over the versions.

The goal of this version is to correct many bugs, some of which were sometimes introduced with the latest version.

Changelog webMAN MOD 1.47.30:

- Fixed regression introduced in version 1.47.28 by mounting game folders in ps3netsrv (issue number 386)
- Attempted to repair XMB freeze caused by other backup managers erasing mapped paths
- Added an option to /setup.ps3 to NOT mount GAMES folders in / app_home
- Game memorization process can now be viewed using LEFT / RIGHT keys (/getmem.ps3mapi)
- Added new sounds in /buzzer.ps3mapi
- Added process id in /cpursx.ps3 with quick access to /gameplugin.ps3mapi
- New web commands:
- /unlocksave.ps3 <path-of-savedata> - unprotect all PARAM.SFO in subdirectories
- /browser.ps3?screenshot_xmb?show - display image after capture
- /browser.ps3?screenshot_xmb?show?fast - same as above, but image size is reduced by 80% and borders are cropped
- /popup.ps3?<msg>&snd= <id> - display a message with sound alert (id = 0-9)
 Download: webMAN MOD 1.47.30

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