A script to dump the eap hdd key on all PS4 Released

 A script to dump the eap hdd key on all PS4s

Zecoxao has just uploaded a script that converts blob keys stored in sflash0 into eap_hdd_key format, which can then be used to retrieve data from any PS4 console whether Retail, Dekit or Testkit with a dump SFlash.

What does this mean in concrete terms?
From now on, this means that it will be possible to read data from the hard drive or SSD of a PlayStation 4 after using hardware to clear memory, this has only been possible with a kernel exploit so far, therefore limited to exploitable firmwares. The eap_hdd_key is the equivalent of the eid_root_key on the PS3.
A second Zecoxao script is used to produce a keys.bin file to access the user partition on Linux and download the act.dat file.
For the moment the idps remains inaccessible but as we can see the progress can be made also without any kernel exploit, this means on firmwares higher than 6.72.
It's all there: https://twitter.com/notzecoxao
Download: hdd_script.py

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