Amiibo emulation on 3DS at Wumiibo Released

Amiibo emulation on 3DS at Wumiibo

Kartik offers the 3DS community the first version of Wumiibo, this is the first software that will allow the Amiibo to be emulated on the Nintendo 3DS and its big and small sisters, expect some bugs when it comes to the whole first iteration of the software.
Under this name hides a complete rewrite of the NFC module used to activate the Amiibo emulation, namely that everything is based on the use of the client and companion. By relying on the transfer from the cmdbuf to the companion and the use of a dummy IPC manager, it is thus possible to take advantage of full emulation.

To benefit from it of course you will need Luma and follow the procedure:

  • - Download the folder 0004013000004002 in luma / titles /
  • - Activate Title patching from the Luma menu
  • - Download the client / companion app available here
  • - Open your game and go to the screen that asks you to place the Amiibo
  • - Open the companion application, select the encrypted and decrypted files of your Amiibo, enter the IP address of your 3DS console
  • - Finally click on Emulate.
  • - If everything went well your Amiibo should be there

Please note, this is the first version of Wumiibo, some games get stuck on the "Remove Amiibo to continue" screen, press the Start button and wait 5 seconds.
Download: Wumiibo / Wumiibo Client

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