Avatar Dumper Injector v2 Released

 Avatar Dumper Injector v2

From Red-J : The release of the Jailbreak in 6.72 made me resume and improve Avatar Dumper / Injector in its version 2 which had not been released for the public.

This PS4 payload allows you to inject an avatar on a jailbreak console.

The first version was split into two separate payloads, one for dumper and one for inject, you had to know the user id (0x10 .....) before you could inject.

The new version is simplified, it searches if the inserted USB key contains the "Avatar_Inject" folder and injects the files from the folder into the folder of the user logged in automatically.

Then all you need to do is change users or restart the console to see the changes.

Changes since the first version:
     -The payload loops as long as the key with the correct folder is not inserted
     -USB port is detected dynamically
     -The content of the Avatar_Inject folder is copied to the dynamically logged in user's folder
     -A backup of the current avatar is made on the key before the injection of the new one
     -Multi firmware
You can choose to use a bin loader, the binary is compatible with the different firmware,

4.55 (not tested), 4.74 (not tested), 5.05 (tested), 6.72 (tested)

You can also use version 5.05 html directly from a host or include the javascript 6.72 payload in your favorite 6.72 jailbreak.

All files are on github

Thanks to Stooged, Al-Azif, Team eversion, Markus95, Cedsaill and all those who are moving for the scene.

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