DS4Windows 2.1.6 Released

DS4Windows 2.1.6

Ryochan7 has just put on line version 2.1.6 of DS4Windows, DS4Windows allows you to enjoy your Dual Shock 4 on your PC, the software indeed makes it possible to serve as an efficient interface to configure the device based on a fork of Jays2Kings, project which was located here at ds4windows.com.
To take advantage of it, unfortunately, it will go through the micro-USB cable, but it is possible to use wireless with some Bluetooth 2.1 (or higher) adapters.
As always with Ryochan7 it does not really pretend and a new version means a lot of changes, we find in particular the addition of the French translation.

Changelog 2.1.6
    Removed LBRY social link and resources
    Allow setting a custom executable file for DS4Windows.exe
    Changed CONFIG_VERSION to 4. Start of profile migration support
    Added 1 Euro Filter smoothing for Gyro Mouse and Gyro Mouse Joystick output modes
    Bump up Gyro Mouse offsets
    Apply 1 Euro filter to calculated rotation angle from 360 Steering Wheel mode rather than each accel axis value
    Fixed locatiztion bug in the input custom bezier curve string value. Contribution by mika-n
    Added support for three specialist PS4 controllers. Contribution by tpneill
    Increased scale multiplier used for Gyro Mouse
    Changed translation string for 'save' in German translation. Contribution by Haamar
    Dutch translation added. Contribution by RedDevilus
    French translation added. Contribution by RedDevilus
    Only call RefreshVolume when the DS4Audio device is detected
    App can now find a unified USB device tied to the DS4 HID and audio devices. DS4Windows no longer relies on string name to match audio devices
    Increased minimum headphone volume
    Added new Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) translation. Contribution by SyaoranChang
    Fixed issue with wrong window position data being saved while window is minimized
    Now show battery level for controller plugin tray message
    Added current battery level from DS4State object to Controller Readings. Used to diagnose if BatteryChanged events are not firing in main window
    Change profile save routine to allow dots in profile name
    Escape underscores in profile names for some GUI controls. Needed to disable access key usage in some GUI controls
    Fixed sides for Test Rumble in Profile Editor
    Allow both rumble motors to be usable simultaneously for Test Rumble
    Dynamically create task.bat file as requested. Allows a custom exe filename to be written to the file
    Reset button mappings when a special action is triggered
    Updated app manifest file to specify confirmed compatible versions of Windows
    Now log current exe filename to Log file. Just the base filename not the whole path
    Updated DS4Updater.exe to version 1.4.3

Download: DS4Windows 2.1.6

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