ESP8266 Xploit Host and 6.72 Host Menu Updated

 ESP8266 Xploit Host and 6.72 Host Menu

Once again, developers Leeful74 and c0d3m4st4 have updated the hosts they offer, namely that the former offered version 5 of its 6.72 Host Menu, and that the latter unveiled 2.84g.
This 2.84g version corrects some bugs and in particular it integrates the HEN 2.1.3 which has just been released with its spoof functions.

Download: ESP8266 Xploit Host 2.84g

Leeful74 updated it to 6.72 Host Menu which therefore goes to version 5.
Note that Leeful74 specifies that the HEN does not work natively with the ChedoChaps exploit. You can laoder it by loading the MiraLoader payload first, but that doesn't work with the built-in loader, but all current 6.72 payloads do, except WebRTE and ToDex! that work them very well.

Changelog v5:
- Added the option to load the exploit and the HEN separately
- Removed the 'waiting for clients' pop-up window.

Online version:
6.72 Host Menu v5 by Leeful74
6.72 Self Host v5 by Leeful74

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