FreeBootDVD ESR Patcher GUI v0.3 Released

 FreeBootDVD ESR Patcher GUI v0.3

 Following advances in PS2 hacking, PS2 DVD player version 3.04, 3.10 and 3.11 E \ U \ J allows you to use blank DVD-Rs and an unmodified console to enjoy the exploit.
Developer Jabu to simplify this procedure has released a new update of FreeBootDVD ESR Patcher GUI in version 0.3.
The tool in question is an interface for esrpatch.exe modified by edo9300 which can patch PS2 ISO with ESR and FreeDVDBoot so that they can be played on an unmodified PS2.

User manual :
- Extract the archive to a folder on your PC desktop
- Run FDVDB_Patcher.exe
- Select your ISOs via OpenFileDialog or simply drag and drop your ISO (this is the evolution of this version 0.3)
- Select the payload (currently only one is included, it should be compatible with all Slim models)
- Press "Patch!"
- If you encounter an "Unable to access file" error, restart FDVDB_Patcher.exe with administrator privileges
Download: FreeBootDVD ESR Patcher GUI v0.3

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