Iconit v4.05 Released

Iconit v4.05

OfficialAhmed offers a new version of its Iconit software. As you may know Iconit is an application that allows you to replace the icon of PS4 games with a few clicks via an FTP server.
The tool reviews all the games installed on the console, showing their title ID, game version, total number of games currently installed, and current icon. It is thus possible to change the icon of the game, to crop it by loading an imagine or by downloading it by FTP.
With this version 4.05, the entire user interface has been redesigned to support 2K and 4K screen resolutions, and 550 and 505 errors have been fixed. The developer would also like to thank all those who supported me via Paypal, as well as more particularly wulcrit and Rubio_Lct for reporting the bugs.

Changelog version 4.05
[Major correction]
- Fixed error 550
- Fixed error 505
[Features added]
- Now supports resizing which is for 1080p, 2k and 4k screen resolutions
- Support for more homebrew app prefixes (SSNE, LAPY, SLUS, SLES, MODS, NPX, NPS, NX) that have been added
- Avatar profile change now available (over number 550)
Download: Iconit v4.05

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