NX-Shell v3.10 Released

NX-Shell v3.10

Joel16 offers a new version of NX-Shell which is now in version 3.10, for those who do not know NX-Shell, it is a port of 3DShell, a file manager for the Nintendo Switch.
The Image Viewer can now open even more formats and checkboxes have been added to select multiple files. The GUI has been revised, crashes and bugs fixed, and a progress bar for the copy process has been added. A bar also displays the free space on the device.

Changelog 3.10:
- Fixed a crash when the last opened directory is a TitleID.
- A storage bar is displayed under the indicator of the current working directory. (Based on current active file system)
- NX-Shell can now open various image formats. (BMP, GIF, JPG / JPEG, PGM, PPM, PNG, PSD, TGA and WEBP)
- A progress bar is displayed while copying files.
- Added checkboxes to select multiple files to copy / move and delete. (Only works if you are working from a directory)
 > Added option to select all checkboxes in a directory.
 > Added option to delete all selected files in a directory. (Note that this also clears the copy / move path to the clipboard)
- Minor adjustments to the user interface. (Alignment fixes, moved popups / windows, better spacing between buttons, etc.)
- Now based on Dear ImGui v1.7.8.
- Disable configuration of Dear ImGui filename.
- Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor tweaks have been made to improve user experience. (There have been a lot of changes, cleanups and improvements confirms the developer)

Download: NX-Shell v3.10

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