NxNandManager v4.1 Released

NxNandManager v4.1

eliboa offers version v4.1 of its NxNandManager program.
As a reminder, this tool is a command line utility (and a graphical interface) for Windows 7 and 10, the main purpose of which is to copy the contents of Nintendo Switch (full NAND or a specific partition) to / from a file or a physical drive.

The following has changed since the last posting:
- Added support for BOOT0 from mariko (prevent autoRCM from being activated for mariko)
- Added firmware detection support for version 10.1.0 and 10.1.1 (CHN)
- Fixed bug caused by nullptr when creating emunand based on raw data from FULL NAND
- Fixed a segmentation error in the NxHandle destructor
- Fixed a bug that occurred when some bis keys were missing from the key ring file
- Processing of output file is now correctly released after copying
- Implementation of user interface extension (thanks to Chrscool8 for his contribution)
- You can now close an open file / disc from the "File" menu (to free the file manager)
- New option --crypto_check: Cryptography validation for a given keyset file (-keyset) and entry (-i)
- Fixed a bug when displaying the remaining time
- Encryption / decryption for FULL NAND has been broken, fixed
Note: NxNandManager.exe (x64) is now statically build to get rid of all these dll.
Download: NxNandManager v4.1

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