OpenOrbis PS4 Toolchain 0.5 of Specter Released

 OpenOrbis PS4 Toolchain 0.5 of Specter

Specter has just unveiled a new version 0.5 of OpenOrbis-PS4-Toolchain, and once again there are many changes made by the developer in this sixth release.
As a reminder, the Toolchain is a set of tools that allows developers to build ELFs files without having to use Sony's official SDK, so only copyright-free tools are needed to create a homebrew. The way to launch them remains the same, namely through the kernel exploit.
This version brings many changes, including 7858% performance boost in create-eboot, but also optimizations for C ++ and changes to Mira.
Note that sleirsgoevy actively participates in this project, just like ChendoChap or kiwidog.

Changelog v0.5 :
    - The toolchain now includes stub/empty libc and libSceFios2 modules to avoid breaking non-homebrew games and applications!
    Note: This change works in conjunction with Mira, meaning you'll want to update the version of Mira you're loading as well.
    Additional note: these modules can be found in /bin/data/modules/libc.prx and /bin/data/modules/libSceFios2.prx, and should be placed in sce_module/ in your homebrew's package file.
    - SDL2 headers as well as a mini game sample have now been added (thanks znullptr for the original SDL port)!
    - C++ threading (std::thread) support has been added!
    - C++ locking / synchronization support has been added!
    - Fixed a performance issue in create-eboot, giving it a 7858% performance boost (measured with the SDL sample)!
    - Visual studio project templates now support and link with C++ by default.
    - Added various macros and function definitions to libkernel, libScePad, libSceUserService, and libSceVideoOut, as well as documentation for these additions.
    - Added right.prx by IDC to all samples (thanks IDC for right.prx).
    - Slightly adjusted sample pkg gp4 files to use the same eboot.bin created by build scripts instead of unnecessarily using a copy.
    - Fixed jagged text rendering in /samples/_common/graphics.cpp due to not factoring in the freetype greyscale bitmap alpha properly.
    - Buffering is now disabled on stdout automatically due to it not handling buffering well.
    - Updated pthread header to use PS4/BSD-specific values.
    - Samples now have DWARF / debug symbols included by default (thanks sleirsgoevy).
    - Reworked the threading sample to use std::thread and std::mutex now that C++ threading is supported.
    - Reworked the networking sample to a TCP server instead of a TCP client.
    - Fixed an issue where a really silly FreeBSD change broke any networking functions that need to use the sockaddr struct such as bind.
    - Fixed an issue where GP4 project files were using non-portable windows-style path separators (thanks sleirsgoevy).
    - Fixed an issue where the non-sce sleep() function didn't work due to a MUSL-related issues (thanks LM, ChendoChap).
    - Fixed an issue where SPRX visual studio projects contained a typo in an include statement and an incorrect set of libraries for the build script.
    - Fixed the cmath c++ header, which included using statements for functions that are macros on FreeBSD targets (thanks kiwidog).
    - Fixed an issue where the sockaddr_in structure was incorrect due to a discrepancy between Linux and FreeBSD (thanks kiwidog).
    - Fixed an issue where AF_INET6 was erroneously set to 10 due to a discrepancy between Linux and FreeBSD (thanks sleirsgoevy).

Download: OpenOrbis-PS4-Toolchain 0.5

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