Playing online with the RPCS3 emulator is now possible

Playing online with the RPCS3 emulator is now possible

Good news, it is now possible to play online with the RPCS3 emulator, good for the moment the number of games is limited to 2 titles, but it could be that this grows and the possibility offered is rather refreshing since 'it simulates the PSN on a PS3 emulator.
The ability to play online multiplayer is great and opens up great prospects for PS3 emulation via RPCS3.
RipleyTom improved the security of RPCN, then he found a way to launch a custom server with a secure code, so you need to create an account with a password to access it.

The settings for RPCN are global in the Configuration => RPCN menu, you should always set your net game status to enabled and your psn status to RPCN if you have a custom configuration but the host / npid / password parameters are now global. SSL support in rpcs3 is in order and communication errors / failures on disconnect / exit have been eradicated.
However this is still a pre-alpha and for now it only supports a very limited set of PSN features and only 2 games:
- Bomberman ULTRA
- Demon's Souls

To play online you need:
- Use the executable produced by this PR
- Set the configuration of your game to (in Configuration => Network):
- Network status to connected
- PSN status at RPCN
- Load some converters for IP / Hosts for Demon's Souls
Windows RPCS3 version
RPCS3 Linux version

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