PS3LoadX v1.2 Released

PS3LoadX v1.2

Bucanero has just uploaded an update for one of the first homebrew applications developed for PlayStation 3 consoles with Custom Firmware 3.41 and 3.55. We must admit that despite the recent boom in the PlayStation 4 hack, it is nonetheless limited in terms of homebrew development for the moment. The PlayStation 3 therefore remains very interesting for its community and its still very active scene.

A useful tool at the time that allowed you to send .self binaries over the network to test their code and speed up the development of homebrew applications. Developer Hermes also added other features like installing .zip files, and it had not been updated from FW 3.55 and did not work with current ps3 firmwares (4.82+). Bucanero therefore ported the original Herm├Ęs PS3LoadX application to the latest PSL1GHT & Tiny3d code, and made it compatible with the latest firmware.

Possibilities offered by PS3LoadX:

- Download SELF files using the network.
- Download applications from USB / HDD devices.
- Install applications on USB or HDD devices from a single .zip file.
- Copy applications from USB devices to hard drive.
- Remove installed applications.

Source code and Readme: samples / ps3loadx

Download: PS3LoadX v1.2 (PKG)

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