Ryujinx supports Switch 4k or even 8k emulation

Ryujinx supports Switch 4k or even 8k emulation

Fans of emulation, and especially Switch emulation, know Ryujinx. For some builds, the emulator has been able to run games in 4k, or even 8k! Although the option is still in development, we tested a few games in 4k, and it's wonderful! Be careful though, a good PC will be necessary. You will also need to activate some options (such as multicore) to speed up your games.

The audio part is also being rewritten to have a sound emulation that does not jump in certain games (Mario Tennis Aces, Crash team racing, etc.) hoping for a release soon, we still have a Switch emulator which becomes the benchmark.

However, you will need to dump files from your Switch to make it work (prod.keys & title.keys), which you can easily find by searching the net.

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