SX Save Manager v1.1 Released

SX Save Manager v1.1

Team Xecuter invites us to discover a new version of SX Save Manager which therefore goes to v1.1.
This is the first update of SX Save Manager, as a reminder, it is an application dedicated to the management of state backups of Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite consoles, in fact this software includes a few features of Checkpoint, JKSV and EdiZon.

Changelog 1.1:
- Fixed two simple but easily lost bugs that caused many users to crash if they installed more than 30 corrupted titles or games. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
- Added a settings menu.
- Added option to hide device backups.
- Added support for BCAT data.
- The text “Export or import” has been replaced by “Backup or restore” to avoid confusion.
- Added fast scrolling using the left analog stick.
- Sorting mode is now saved instead of being automatically set at startup.
- UI game name text now also includes save type for all types.
- SX Save Manager is now hidden in the list.
- Removed DNS replacement (this app only, not system level) to increase compatibility.
- Added option to save all data to SD card.
- Added option to use custom file names.
- Many small improvements to increase stability.

In addition, some users were confused by the different types of backup. Here is a brief explanation
A user-specific backup is a backup file that is owned by a user. This save is loaded when that user starts the game. A current user save (also called device save) is a save file that does not belong to a user, these save sets are used by all users. An example of a common user save is Animal Crossing where all players on a single Switch share an island. BCAT data is data that Nintendo uses to add new content to games without releasing a full update, for example Animal Crossing uses it to add events without releasing full updates.
Download: SX_Save_Manager_v1.1.nsp

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