TegraExplorer 2.0.4 Released

TegraExplorer 2.0.4

suchmememanyskill reacts to the news, and in particular the arrival of the new version of Atmosphere 0.14.1 which provides daybreak support.
As you know with the latest version of Atmosphere there has been shipped a homebrew app named daybreak which uses the system update API, designed by Adubbz and works as a safer / more precise equivalent than ChoiDujourNX.
TegraExplorer therefore now supports .cnmt.nca firmware dump, and files of this style using prod.keys files.

As always, the developer reminds that this version of TegraExplorer works much faster when you have minerva on your sd card. This means that having the hekate 5.1.0+ bootloader folder on your sd cards speeds things up a lot, but that was the case for many versions.
Download: TegraExplorer 2.0.4

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